Anna & Michael Dawson Wedding Recording

Welcome to our Wedding!  The pandemic has not permitted in-person attendance, but we want to extend our appreciation to all of you for joining us online.  Your friendship, support, and love have helped bring us to where we are today, and we hope to be able to celebrate with you virtually.  

Thank you all for joining us yesterday! For those who were not able to join us here is a recording of our ceremony (:

In the summer of 2006, I was standing in the backyard of my grandparents’ farm watching the sunset. I had been living my life as if God “MIGHT” exist, but without certainty. I knew that I could no longer continue living a life that only accepted the spiritual realities as possibilities rather than certainties.  I felt on the edge of a precipice: either I kept treading in water gasping for air, or I would submerge into the water knowing God desired my good and would provide for a journey I did not know.  Twelve years later, after MANY ups and downs in this journey of growing in relationship with a God I trusted in certainty was there, meeting Michael could not have made my trust in an unknown any more concrete. I could have never deciphered the relationship with God without the work of the Holy Sprit through the rules of discernment. There is no gift I would want to give more to my guests that a relationship with God.  Of course, this is not mine to give, but know that God is always inviting.  Fortunately, I was introduced to the rules that Father Vogel describes here, and that has been an invaluable gift, one I can indeed share, if you are willing to open the package!  All of you are invited to my wedding for a reason, because you have touched each of us in some way.  It’s the reality of the invitation to heaven that God is reaching out to us, if we will only turn to Him.


Michael’s journey is similar to mine, with his own personal elements.  He often sees a reflection of God in the true, the good, and the beautiful.  Let us meditate on these things.  Music helps Michael glimpse God. You will notice the types of music in our wedding that reveal God through beauty. This is his gift to those who experience God in sacred music.


Our experiences are not alone, however.  God invites each of us into a personal, intimate, and unrepeatable relationship.  If you have doors closed, we invite you to open them to Him.  Behold, He knocks.



Our Celebrant, Fr. Kevin Vogel, provides good introductions to the Ignatian Rules of Discernment as well as to Sacred Music.  If you enjoy these videos, you can follow the links to learn more.

Introduction To Chant

Additional information on the Ignatian Rules:

Rules 1 – 6:

Rules 8 – 14:

Sacred Music

FR. Vogel’s Youtube Channel: